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Priority - the best social projects

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The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev in his article "looking to the future: the modernization of public consciousness" has suggested to create the project "100 new faces of Kazakhstan". In this project have specific stories of specific people, which gave rise to the era of Independence.

One of the outstanding personalities involved in the project is Bayalyshbaev Eldos, the winner of the Republican exhibition "the Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan" in 2014, which is organized by the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK.

Social project ""Conducting fitness rehabilitation through the complex of therapeutic physical training on special simulators" the author of which is Bayalyshbaev Eldos, today fruitfully implements the project and is actively involved in various other projects aimed at supporting persons with disabilities.

This year the Republican exhibition "the Best social projects" was 5 years.

Over the years, for participation in the exhibition was declared 650 social projects, 114 of them became winners of the regional competitions. This site was presented social projects that received implementation, and many of them supported by the public.

For example, autovolanter, the authors of which are young guys from Astana, disseminated and implemented in Almaty region.

In 2015, the project " Zharaysyn " introduced the first standing frames. These funds for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy today has found its application in all social rehabilitation Centres.

Of the total number of winners, the 21 authors of the social project implement projects through its own funds, 49 funded with the support of sponsors and raised funds, 47 are implemented through the state social order.

In the framework of this social project in the country provide support and assistance to more than 300 thousand citizens who find themselves in difficult situations.

This year, out of 155 submitted projects of the regional winners recognized 20 projects that have become the best of the best.

In the exhibition took part the non-governmental organizations (NGO), public associations, organizations of persons with disabilities, individuals, and other institutions and agencies, whose activities are aimed at development of the system of social protection of the population.

The selection of the best social projects carried out by regional Commissions composed of NGO representatives, advisers governors on disability issues, representatives of regional branches of party "Nur Otan" and National chamber of entrepreneurs, the coordinating Council and other stakeholders.

The winners of the regional competitions presented in September 2017 at the Republican exhibition in Astana.

Sponsor for the winners of the Republican exhibition, made Corporate Fund "Samruk-KazynaTrust" that implements charity projects and programs, providing greater support to non-governmental organizations across the country.

Emphasized the social investment program "Menin Elim", rendering real support to the social development of the regions.

The winners of the Republican exhibition, the prize winners were awarded cash certificates of Corporate Fund "Samruk-KazynaTrust". Social project "service maintenance and repair wheelchair equipment "Inva-STO" 3rd place - 1 million tenge, the social project "Work for all" 2nd place - 1.5 million tenge, and the social project "Affordable, Comfortable, Beautiful" 1st place - 2 million tenge.

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