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Support for training providers within the framework of "Skills and Jobs" project

Within the framework of the Skills and Jobs Project, activities will be implemented such as, compiling inventory, evaluation and selection of training service providers that provide short-term courses lasting 1-6 months.

The inventory will include public and private organizations of technical and vocational education and training (TVET), higher education institutions (Universities, Institutes), training services providers working through the Employment Centres; private TPs, private enterprises with a training and production base, training organizations that conduct courses for upgrading and retraining personnel for 1-6 months (corporate universities, training centres, institutes for raising qualifications and etc.), international training centres located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, microfinance institutions that are interested and have the potential to conduct training entrepreneurs and other basic skills.

After the inventory of training providers is compiled, the evaluation of the organizations from the list will be carried out. The purpose of this activity is to identify training services providers that will provide training services in the framework of the Project (training of the unemployed, unproductive self-employed, and current employees of the enterprise). 

To evaluate the training organizations, the developed "SABER – Workforce" evaluation methodology by the World Bank experts will be used. This methodology, called the "System approach to improving educational outcomes (SABER)", aims to create a comprehensive set of system diagnostics tools for exploring the various components and methodological areas of education systems and their comparison with global standards and best practices developed in the world.

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