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Today, the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan held a solemn meeting devoted to the Constitution Day

День Конституции

Opening the event, Minister of labor and social protection of population Tamara Duissenova congratulated all those present on the occasion. In his congratulatory speech, Tamara Duissenova noted that the Constitution is a symbol of unity and cohesion of our people:

"Constitution day – the holiday that gives us reason to understand its real role in the state development and public awareness for the adoption of the verified solutions to successful socio-economic advancement. I wish you a peaceful sky, harmony and stability, happiness and prosperity to every family in Kazakhstan. The pursuit of new victories in the name of our country will lead us to great success!" - said Tamara Duissenova.

During the solemn event a number of staff members received letters of thanks from the Minister.

On the eve of Day of knowledge, children of the Ministry workers, go to the first grade, and children from some poor families received backpacks with the necessary accessories as a gift.

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