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Reference with the implementation of conditional cash transfers in the framework of the project "Өрлеу"

Reference with the implementation of conditional cash transfers in the framework of the project "Orleu"

By order of the Head of state about formation of the new social policy and  increase targeting of assistance to those people who need it. In Kazakhstan there is gradually introducing new approaches to provide targeted social assistance based on the principles of conditionality and conclude a social contract.

 In 2014 a new model of social assistance to persons who have signed the social contract on the terms of mandatory participation in programs of assistance of employment and social adaptation, the pilot project Orleu is aimed at:

- involvement of able-bodied members of needy families into productive employment;

- the introduction of a system of social contracts for recipients of targeted social assistance, which specifies the mutual obligations of the parties (recipient and social services) to assist low-income citizens in getting out of difficult situations.

 By the end of 2016 participants of the project "Orleu" were 38.8 thousand people who were assigned conditional cash assistance for a total amount of KZT 1.4 billion. In active forms of employment assistance there were attracted 8.7 million people or 90.5% of the total working-age participants of the project "Orleu".

In the pilot regions, there is an increase in income of project participants by more than 2 times reduction in the proportion of the working population in the structure of recipients of targeted social assistance, as well as there is a decrease in the number of low-income families.

 In 2017 it is planned to further expand the geography of the pilot project. With this purpose in the national budget for 2017-2019 provided for expenditure on the implementation of the pilot project "Orleu" for 2017 in the amount of 7.1 billion with the planned number of participants of the project 168,8 thousand. In 2017 the project "Orleu" it is planned to introduce in all districts and cities of the country.

 These measures will enhance the social responsibility of recipients of social assistance, strengthening their motivation to find work and self-sufficiency, and to increase participation of poor people in the economy and in society. Ultimately, this should have a positive impact on the quality of life of low-income citizens.


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