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In 25 years more than 957 thousand oralmans have arrived to Kazakhstan

Since 1991 till January 1, 2016 to the historical homeland returned and received the status of an oralman 261 thousand 104 families or 957 thousand 772 ethnic Kazakh, which is 5,5% of a total number of population of the country.

The majority of 61,6% oralman arrived from Uzbekistan, 14,2% are persons from China, of 9,2% of Mongolia, 6,8% of Turkmenistan, 4,6% of Russia, and 3,6% – from other countries.

The largest quantity of oralmans settled in the South Kazakhstan oblast – 21,2%, Almaty oblast –16,3%, Mangystau oblast – 13%, Zhambyl oblast - 9,4% and other oblast – 40,1%.

The persons, who capable of working are 55,6%, children up to 18 years old – 39,9 % and the pensioners – 4,5 %.

From among capable of working age of oralmans 8,8% of them have higher education, 20,6% – secondary special education, 60,8% – general secondary education, 9,8% do not have education.

We will remind you, on November 24 by the Head of state was signed the Law of the RK "About introduction of changes and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of migration and employment of population" directed on implementation of the nation's Plan – 100 concrete steps on implementation of five institutional reforms in a respect to the further refinement of policy in sphere of migration and employment of population.

For purposes of stimulation the return of ethnic Kazakh to the historical homeland by the Law provides:

- provision to ethnic Kazakh the status an oralman, regardless of the region of settlement. The ethnic Kazakh will be able to receive a residence permit unlike foreign citizens, having addressed to a migration police without a confirmation of solvency;

- receipt by ethnic Kazakh of social package in case of settlement in regions defined by the Government with establishment of the quota of acceptance of oralmans. At the same time social support also can  receive by oralman, if he moves from any region of the country to regions designated by the Government for settlement. But in case of retirement from such regions, earlier than in five years, the social package will return to state utility;

- simplification of receipt procedure of citizenship up to one year after receipt by them of a residence permit.

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