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Over the past 8 years, the expenditure of SSIF for child care up to the age of one year increased 4.6 times

Since 2008 till 2015 the sum of expenditures from the State social insurance Fund (further - SSIF) for the implementation of social payments in case of loss of income in connection with caring for a child under the age of one year increased 4.6 times, from 13 billion 349 million to 61 billion 703 million tenge. 
Expenditure on social benefits in case of loss of income in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, adoption of newborn child (children) since 2005 has increased 3.5 times and amounted to 50 billion 972 million tenge (in 2005 - 14 billion 660 million).
For the period since 2005 till 2015 the expenditure on social benefits from SSIF in the event of disability increased from 6 million tenge to 7 billion 433 million tenge, in case of loss of breadwinner from 4 million tenge to 4 billion 840 million tenge, in case of job loss – from 30 thousand tenge to 1 billion 711 million tenge.
We remind, that compulsory social insurance in RK introduced as additional form of social protection for the working population. The State social insurance fund of the MHSD of RK collects social security contributions and benefits to participants of the obligatory social insurance system in respect of which the event occurred social risk.


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