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Component 1. Building the Foundation of a National Qualifications System
Sub-component 1.1. Enhancement of occupational standards, including improvement of approval and updating processes
Sub-component 1.2. Development and implementation of a framework to review and update the educational and training programs for TVET and higher education
Sub-component 1.3. Development of a roadmap for establishing an independent qualifications assessment and award system through the provision of technical support for piloting sector-specific skills testing and professional certification centers
Component 2. Enhancing Skills for Improved Employment Outcomes and Productivity
Sub-component 2.1. Improvement of public employment services for unemployed and unproductively self-employed people
Sub-component 2.2. Improvement of the relevance of workforce training
Sub-component 2.3. Enhancement of access to relevant workforce training programs.
Component 3. Project management and monitoring and evaluation
Sub-component 3.1. «Operating expenses, goods, services»
Sub-component 3.2.«Project Monitoring and evaluation and Information Communication Campaign»


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