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Republican Conference "Actual problems of formation of pharmaceutical terms»

Republican Conference "Actual problems of formation of pharmaceutical terms»

         Republican terminology conference "Actual problems of formation of pharmaceutical terms" organized by Commission on industry terminology of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Kazakh, Russian and Latin languages» of South - Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy was held on May 20, 2016.

          In the work of the Conference were attended specialists of the regional industry terminology group, pharmacists, pharmacology and leading experts, scholars-linguists, public leaders, translators, methodologists, linguists.

         In the Conference were discussed topical problems of harmonization and  use of the term pharmacy, Pharmacology and instructions on the use of drugs.

         One of the direction identified in the State program for the development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 years is unification of terminology and vocabulary, casting industry terms in a single system. Development of new requirements on systematization of terms, work to harmonize the terms and names in conformity with the provisions of the Kazakh language, are necessary measures for today. To update terminology fund, to revive historical memory of language, to undertake special studies on terminology and terminography.

         In the framework of the Conference had previously discussed the terms recommended by the Republican terminological Commission for unification; considered operational ways of disseminating the approved terms through all means of informations.

As well as introducing pharmaceutical terms that were discussed at this Conference, we ask all interested persons and healthcare organizations to give their suggestions and comments to terms of pharmaceuticals.  

The working language of the Conference is a State language.

Department for development of State language.


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