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State benefits for people with disabilities to increase by 18% from 2018

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The size of the basic state social benefits for people with disabilities will grow significantly in the next three years. This was announced by the minister of health care and social development Tamara Duissenova at a plenary session of the Senate of Kazakh Parliament. The increase of payments will be implemented in stages. For example, next year 25 percent increase is planned, and since 2018 increase will amount to an additional 18%. The Senate approved an amendment to the Law on Social Protection, relating to a new order of social benefits. According to the document, state aid will combine several existing benefits into one. According to the developers, it will make arrangement of documents much easier.  


We have optimized a special state benefit for the disabled of all groups subject to increasing state-guaranteed basic benefits for the disabled. Thus, the size of basic state social allowances will be increased by the amount of current received special government allowances.

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