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New labor code comes into force

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The new labor code came into force in Kazakhstan on the 1st of January. It brings significant changes to previously existing system of labor relations. For example, the employer's liability for the admission of employees to work without labor contracts was significantly tightened. The fine will vary in the region of 200 MCI, which is more than four hundred thousand tenge. The same penalty was provided for the violation of the payment on weekends and holidays. The employer will have to fork out for almost one million tenge in case of failure or evasion of collective agreement. Incidentally, this is also a kind of "labor code", which regulates the relationship between employers and employees in a particular company or organization.  


The rules of the new labor code do not allow to fire people if they are on leave or during a period of temporary disability. As well as not allowed the reduction of workers - pregnant women, women with children under 3 years old, single mothers who are raising a child under the age of 14, a disabled child up to 18 years. And the cancellation of the contract with employees when they left until retirement 2 years is not allowed also.


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