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Meeting of representatives of member states of Almaty process for refugees protection and international migration

Meeting of representatives of member states of Almaty process for refugees protection and international migration was held on November 21, 2014 in «Intercontinental» hotel of Almaty city.

Almaty process for refugees protection and international migration is a regional advisory process for refugee protection and international migration in Central Asian region suggested upon an initiative of UN High Commissioner Administration, International Organization for Migration and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Participants of Almaty process are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. Representatives of UN Regional Center for preventive diplomacy of Central Asia have been invited to take part in the session.

Major tasks of Almaty process include facilitation of steady dialog and exchange of information concerning migration and refugee protection; development of mechanisms for monitoring of migration trends to forecast and resolve problems associated with uncontrolled migration at the regional level; achievement of common understanding by countries and other concerned parties of causes, scales, routes and consequences of transboundary movements in the region; development of consistent, integrated and differentiated policy on migrating persons at national and regional levels; development of draft activities aimed to strengthen potential of countries, develop new forms of international and regional cooperation to manage migration and refugee protection issues.

In 2013 in the course of Ministers conference for refugee protection and international migration Kazakhstan was selected by the member states as the first chairman of the process.

Vice-Minister of healthcare and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Daulet Argandykov, who has welcomed participants on behalf of Kazakhstani Government, has stated that the topic of today session is of interest for entire world community and is especially outstanding for Central Asia countries. «As a single region we acknowledge the urgency of making Afghanistan a great regional partner. However, it is worth noting that migration flows in foreseeable future will most probably be still typical for Afghanistan and overall region».

In the course of activity participants will discuss issues of cooperation for prevention and management of uncontrolled migration flows in the region and revelation of gaps in terms of identification of most vulnerable persons being in mixed migratory movements (young people, unattended non-adults, women, human trafficking victims, persons seeking refuge, refugees and persons without citizenship).

Participants will discuss the list of potential problems and risks associated with pullout of International Security Assistance Forces from Afghanistan in 2014, and will try to assess their influence on migratory movements in the region. Representatives of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Mission of United Nations in Afghanistan will present their own scenarios of progression of events in the country after removal of forces.

Following the results of the session agreement is expected to be reached with regard to reinforcement of coordination among relevant state authorities of member states, and issues regarding further cooperation with international organizations on migration regulation will be discussed.

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