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Procedure for joining civil service

The questions of joining the civil service by political and administrative civil servants are regulated by the Provision on the procedure of joining the civil service. Taking into account one of the most important priorities of the Strategy of Kazakhstan –2030 – creation of the professional government – the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the very beginning of its activity directed main efforts at creating conditions to attract highly qualified professionals with necessary work experience for joining the civil service.

From January 2000 the process of holding competitions to fill vacant civil service positions in the state bodies ensuring the fulfillment of citizens constitutional right on the equal access to public service has been introduced.
Organization and holding of competition are carried out in accordance with the Rules of holding competition to fill a vacant civil service.

The competition includes the following successive steps:

* publication of the announcement of holding the competition;
* formation of the Competition Commission;
* registration and analysis of documents of participants for compliance with set qualification requirements;
*  candidates testing;
*  interview;
*  final session of the Competition Commission.

In order to ensure publicity, a state body, holding the competition, is obliged to issue the announcement of the competition. During the competition in the central state bodies and its territorial subdivisions and offices the announcements shall be published in periodical publications distributed all over the Republic of Kazakhstan. Announcements of holding the competition in the local public authorities are published in periodical publications  distributed on the territory of the appropriate administrative - territorial unit.
Citizens, interested in participating in the competition, submit documents (form, application for participation the competition, personal list) regulated by the Rules to a state body which conducts the competition and the competition commission consider them.
Standard Qualification Requirements are used with the aim of ensuring the equal treatment when applying for civil service and creating conditions for a wider choice in the competition to find candidates.

Within 15 calendar days from the moment of publishing the announcement about the competition in the media, documents required for participating in the competition are submitted to the appropriate state bodies according to the address in the announcement.

Based on the analysis of the documents the tender committee decides on the admission of participants to be tested.
On the ground of analysis of submitted documents, the competition commission makes a decision on allowing participants to testing.

Under the terms of each competition candidates are obliged to pass testing on the knowledge of the legislation on computer. Objective assessment of abilities of candidates is the aim of testing. Different programs of testing are set depending on the category of administrative civil service.  At present, testing programs include tests on the knowledge of legislation, also logical non-verbal test (depending on the category), assessing candidates capabilities. Candidates, permitted to testing, pass it in accordance with the established procedure in the Agency or in regional testing centers of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in all 16 regions of the country within 5working days after the completion of receiving documents.
Remote testing system is conducted on computers connected to the central server of the Agency which ensures unification of requirements and maximum objectivity of the testing procedure and allows us to control the quality of competitive selection.
Strict adherence to the highest standards of using tests allows us to avoid potential problems and abuse and to use their benefits for the civil service as a whole and for each candidate participating in the competition and that is what ensures fairness and equal opportunity for all. Candidates who received a mark needed to pass an examination are allowed to enter the next stage of the competitive selection process – to the interview. Candidates, admitted to this stage,  are interviewed in the state bodies which announced the competition within 3 working days after testing.
The purpose of the interview is to assess the professional and personal qualities of candidates.
At the final session the competition commission evaluates candidates on the ground of submitted documents, test results and interviews and selects candidates to fill vacant administrative civil position. Only one candidate can be accepted, the second best candidate can be recommended to be enrolled in employment pool.
If any worthy candidates to fill a vacancy are not found, the state body may announce repeated competition. A candidate received the endorsement of the commission has the right to fill the position announced in the contest by following the requirements specified by the legislation for entering civil service position.

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